Saturday, April 4, 2009

whats life all ABOUT???

ive been thinking this few days..
about everything ive gone through,about thing ive ever done in my life..would it be worth it r not?
actually,i hd just read a blog belong to sumone(xksahlah sape..)
but i feel the tense.not really feeling it,but knowing theres ppl like us out there..
is very comforting..
sounds cruel..
but thats how it works..
we saw ppl being all ur feeling.pity,sympathy,poor them,world isnt fair,
but deep inside,its comforting
life is not as sweet as u thot it might be..
u could fall at the peak of da happiness
life is how it is as how u define it
same as happiness
if u thinks able to eat once a day is a happiness...
then it is happiness
for me..having a dream and able to challenge wat da future holds is da same thing
dnt plan it..
if w plan it..our life will have only one possibility..
let it go..
then ur life hav 3000 possibilities..



  1. u r always sleepy, my dear shakira..

  2. sapa ati dehh..
    mle ngatuk ah
    dlm class tu len citer..
    fktor luaran...