Friday, April 10, 2009

b-day turns d-day...

after struggling for the license,at last today,10th of april 2009 i've got wat i dreamt of(really??)
a p was funny to me as i thot that the tester mmg acting like i was really goin to fail,
kuar dat place x wear seatbelt,then slumberly doing mistakes that i know! im goin to do it..
but alhamdulillah,i still pass it!Allah knows best!
i also want to dedicate special thanks to the person that help me going through the test day
im a very glabah pyuh(as wat kak ju pyer trade mark is) person and i was so nervous waiting to be called that i hav to make calls to make sure im still doing the rite thing n i will not lost my bff if i fail da test..
then alhamdulillah for letting me pass through the test,Ya Allah!
then everythg turns topsy turvy!!
everybody wasnt like in good mood n like there was a scond katrina r sumthing hitting the place while im happily waiting for the blue card written 'u pass!'
then goes story on another my opinion,introducing sumone dear to your be an honour to the person,but it was wrong n i was BLIND enough to notice that!!! credits for dat!
n then ppl being so quiet by shutting their mouth making u feel suspicous bcos u know the only person have that strong sense to make ppl sulk is ue!!!
n i was wondering
what am i?
n im too much in happinesss posting this!!!!!!!!!! the tone!

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  1. aisyah dkt imkeda td 2..nice to meet u n nice blog..