Wednesday, July 29, 2009

spell it with ama

dat nite..
tyme tgh pretending bt keja..
my mkck tdika dtg
n asked me to tgk2 she eja2 her name..
n i was like...ok(my lakonan kantoi..)
siti nooriman
n its not sitinam..
she took 2 years to spell her name
n da N is still tbalik
siti nooriman amanina binti alias
ok lil sis..
she took more than 10 mins to wrote it down
she’s 6,n at last she did it..
on my notebook,wth my highlghter!

Monday, July 27, 2009

life and possibilities

life offers possibilities,acceptance is by choosing one of it,consideration is by going through it n the effects of choosing it,with no intention to create legal relation..u just have to accept remedy,no injunction,no specific performance.its only regret or happiness
i ws gven possibilities once..but none fulfill my wish,bt nevamind,landon said that if we get everything we want,we’re in thats y we dnt get evrything we want,coz we’re on earth.
Ok..plihan yg ak ad
a)amik klas msak memasak kt umah
b)amik klas mnjahit tp umah mkcik yg jauh sket
c)amik klas yg ak ske tp blaja skejap je
so i was.......ermm
ppl influenced me a a lot
some making da decision of me
some asked me to make my own decision
i wish to go far from my surroundings,learns many new tings,learns new culture,make new frens,look up on the sky n say “we’re watching the same cloud,bt we’re in different places n dis strange place taught me more” by amik klas at aunt’s house.and dr kcik lg i ws like hoping to go to my aunt’s hse.
suddenly as i ws about to choose b,the important persons in my life said “choose a”
we had a talk..
then i decided to take a.
We started the class,n i started regretting wat i chose for my life.
then lma2,ble ak pk blik,renung blik hdup ak..
Allah sbenanye dh beri byk nikmat kt ak
1)Dia tau ak blum bersdia utk pergi lbih jauh dr skrg
2)Dia permudahkan byk bnda utk ak(ak exmptd evn englsh hampeh,kwn2 sgt baek ati,awl2 lg dh dpt solehah)
3)Dia x tinggalkn ak sorg2 mlalui jln yg ak plih(Dia kurniakan ak Abah,Ummi,Abg Ubai,Abg Musolla,ksiti,Qeelah,Ninie n rmai lg) n bg pnjam landon skejap(mcm ksiti,he’s my life saver)
4)i guess i’m lucky in my own way..
Alhamdulillah for everything..
p/s:the meaning of my name suits that..
n luqman remembered da lyric of lucky..weird!

day of my life

dat nite was a normal nite,mcm the other nite we had..
ak,amal,nadia plus mai tgh lepak2kt bwh smbl amal was looking for sumting regarding her english class while ak plak tgh ym ngn mr.landon la kn..
we had our dinner there..ns goreng seafood n nsgoreng udang(we managed to forget bout da curious case of the legendary bobo) dtemani muzik iringn dr tmpt karaoke brdkatn tuh
then suddenly mai got a phone call from one of da crew saying dat mama bobo xsht..
lntas ktorg pn brgegas la naik ats smbil ak mngangkut si solehah..
msuk je..
mama bobo tgh ogang her head like there was sumting disturbing her making us afraid as she was just happy as we saw her the last 2 hours.sumone asked me to angkut her(from scond floor!) then sumbat msuk ambulance
i was like..ok..trus je bg solehah kt sape ntah,then bersdia nk angkut mama bobo
trik nafas dlm2(prepare la ktekan) then i ws shocked n speechless+scared tgk mam bobo ttbe bgun n dduk diam
pastu...birthday song to mai,then
“hb to u,hb to u,hb to kiki,hb to u!!”
I was like..nice surprise...
It was da scond time after i had a nice bath wth johnson n johnson nyer BEDAK!!
It was 5 of us yg dcelebrate..
With a big nice n delicious chocolate cake
Forget the talcum shower,forget the da sick mama bobo..
Eventhough its just been a month we knew each other,they appreciate us in their very own way..
Reminds me of my bff during school(aisyah,myra,mieyra,aqeelah,ninie,ihah)
I miss them all..
So dat nite ended happily,with the icing as our facial foam
p/s:thnx to ezreen for da sweet strawbery pencil...

Thursday, July 16, 2009

feel like years..

its been dunno brape lme x tgk dis tings..
even solehah is around..
lots of tings happened..
tp xsmpt nk cter or wrote it down sumwhere..
ttbe tgn gtal je nk leave a mark here(x really a mark pn)..
during da last 5 hours before ilh
my so historical islamic legal history....
n i hav to stay awake..
al fatihah utk Allahyarham en.azmi(ayh aqilah)
may he rest in peace...