Saturday, August 29, 2009

me talking..

forgiv me n my sucking grammar..
guess thats y im not dat talkative in class..
so,here i go..
final exam is coming..
not like mid sem..(i only realised the next week=exam week when my gummy bear asked me to study, i was soooo well prepared la kan)
this time,
  • kne get 3.3 n above to b on da safe side..
  • kna excellent in 'tasmid'ing with ustazati..
  • help me with my arabic!
n bout realising a dream.
dream is to b realised..
but wat u gonna do when u realised it,but then end up doin nothing bout it..
its called dream that better not to b realised!!
we r liable for wat weve in tort it says..
we hav to fgure out if the defendant hav a legal duty toward the plaintiff n did the D had exceed wat a reasonable man would do..
in my i hav legal duty toward my so-called realised dream?am i a negligent?r negligence? messed up..