Thursday, August 4, 2011


this post is specially written for my dear sister,who's going to marry a guy she loves very much.

seperti yg sume mklum,ak ni mmg pemalu lah orgnye,n bcos of the possibility of her and any other ppl reading this post is extremely low,so i would like to confess a few tings to her,my dear sister...
i would like to apologise for my so called rudeness(ive tink a lot about it now),about not bein such an understanding person to her,for not knowing and understand her reasons for getting into a marriage,and for not really supporting her..
life is full of obstacles,and the more u take the risk of going to the next phase in ur life,the more obstacles u'll find in ur case u remembered that ive once said that ur a bit selfish,the truth is indeed i am selfish.i am too scared to take the risk of 'losing' u in the sense of u'll not be the same as u r before..deeply tinking about this,ive come to an answer that its not only her that take the risk,everybody surrounding her is taking the risk too,of cos,not the risk of bein a wife,but the risk of being scared like me..r mayb im the only one scared.hehe.but mayb that it is the best decision ever for them too.insyaAllah

as a layman,not yet discover what exactly feels to be in the same situation like her,i tink that ive hurt her feelings for not really being a good sister as a wish i could be.

to the sister that i treasure deeply in my heart and my life,i wish that i could assist and support her.i decided to change myself!
the first step was awful!i voluntered myself to tukangsolek for the mjls bertunang which was the worst idea ever!the words came straight from my mouth,undeniably and without tinking much of it..but still,i want her to be best bride ever..

nur kasih:semakin banyak dugaan mnimpa kita,semakin dekat rahmat kpd kita

to the best sister i ever had,pls forgive me for how ignorant i am of the situation and ur heart..from now on,whatever happens,pls believe that im always here to support u...

ps:agk jwang diriku this is the truth babe!its juz that i couldnt say this directly to her..part of me hoping she'll read this..