Saturday, February 14, 2009

its me!!

dis is da collection of vaccine..i took it in da refrigerator..i was thinking dat children nowadays is being upgraded wit so-many-called vaccines,i dont really remember when i had my vaccination..i had it,yes..i guess so?

comey dok klinik nh?wel,yg nih lpas renovation around novmbr 08...make urself available to come here..we serve u wit da best smile,best doctors..n most important is,we hav aircond!!

yg nih la yg recently married yg i mentioned before..

forgot to mention to da other main actress in my makeover to kak dura,da pretty lady in jengka 24..kak azie..waiting her big day to tie da knot wit da one of da youngest ceo in malaysia,a mecanical engineer called abg arin..most of it,my main impression bout her is dat she is damn tidy while

dis one is really damn extraordinary mamex,age 5..doing checkup to figure out how he could ever live far from ocean?