Sunday, April 5, 2009

in the name of Allah,the most precious,the most merciful
i watch a story of a blind people just now..and i was surprised to see the blind girl was looking very happy instead of grieving for her lost sight..(i bet she wasnt a gud actress!)but then,
thats makes me wonder bout wat im thinking..why should she cry actually?
is it wrong to be blind?is it a bad thing being not able to see wats the content of this whole big wide world?is it wrong for not knowing how to write like normal ppl..(all of 'em writing throough braille ka?) ,it is wrong to only sense darkness?is it good to actually got to see things,seeing crimes,seeing wrong thing but stay silent bout it?be grateful for who we are,what we have,n the way we actuaaly are..everybody esp. woman(i dont deny that) are eager to look good and to feel great(r actually to let ppl see them that way!)there willing to let intruders get into the vein n manipulate all the system n creating their little world inside that soon will ruins the the end,they'll die suffering..or maybe half to death(at least it brings us to it)
i have no right to hyperwrite on this,as i know it was like annoying my own self..coz we all not our own way
be free to put some words here...

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