Wednesday, February 9, 2011

gone with the wind

my days were too good last few days..
now its gone.
keta xleh reverse,then smpi plak empunya parking tu,mencuakkan lagi keadaan ak.
jantung da macam berhnti mngepam drah ke sluruh badan,otak jd cramp cmpur blurr tetibe,airmata xda remote cntrol dah.
then,we move on.going to class like usual.then,out of sudden,at  6,where supposely everybody was heading home,we decided to take the lift..until
a guy called mr.l came out from the lift like a warrior,looking at us,till we felt sooooo small,then the rest was the history of 9/2/11

soorry to all the affected parties,dr abg auto engineering ke roomate yg byk mmbantu.

hidup ni xkan slalu sronok,selesa,gmbira,hidup ni ad psang surut,naik trun,lpar knyang,tido bangun,etc lg yg  leh di consider antonym ea.

speaking of the truth,mmg my life is too cmfortable last few days,yg smpai bt me terpk,ap na bt time ssh the time has come,yet im planning nothing

glitter words for today:everybody make mistakes,but never repeat it~mdm.f

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