Monday, January 19, 2009

towars driving lisence!!!

on 18th of january 2009,i had a chance to take the first step to get a lisence!!that was so unexpected for me as...

1 :i thought dat i will take da class in klate,but da class was in cheras(dad asked me to take it here as i`ve been here for about a month)

2 :i still cant believe it dat i learnt it here,in cheras!!

3 :i did a lot of mistakes since i was here,but hopefully Allah will guide me..

4 :i couldnt deny it that i had a very nice aunt n uncle,cik aya n cik wan that had helped me to get though all dis,n not alone

5 :i realise dat in here i had to be independent,not reling on others..but i didnt done that well..

6 :frankly speaking,my english was sucks as i communicate more with banglas and nepalian more than ppl dat speaks english like da arabian..but its ok,i learnt how to expresss words using body language..

7 :i still couldnt believe spm result is coming out soon,but some of my frens already registered in high class academy..couldnt deny that i did felt jealous but its their rezeki,mine soon,INSYAALLAH...

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