Sunday, August 25, 2013

1) hearts

i want to post about the questions that i have about life. my first curiosity is about the heart of a human.
how weird the heart is,sometimes we love a person we feel like we're gonna die of loving him, the other time the love suddenly gone and the one left were the memories, but the feeling has totally changed. i guess somehow it happens to somebody or everybody, including me. few years back, i was madly in this so called crazy love with someone, to the extent that when he sneezes, i super seriously feel that it was a very beautiful sneeze(thats why its called crazy ok!). if he even gave me a paperclip, it feels as if i just got gold enough for my entire life!
then, when something happened and we were apart, everything seems stupid and insignificant. life is dull and heartbreak really does hurts, though it doesnt bleed. i thought that i wanted an apology and everything can be normal and we could again, laughing like friend we used to be. by that time i know what " 'we can still be friends' is like saying 'our cat died but we can still keep it'" means.

and then,after all the romance episodes, we become strangers, again.

however, guess thats how life is. there must a bitter part somewhere we have to face it. what we can do is to go on, improve ourselves so that everyday is a better day for us.people change, they come and go, the one that stay must decide to fall or to rise, to break or to shine, to be weaker or stronger.

no one can make you feel inferior without your consent-eleanor roosevelt
so don't give your consent easily guys. stand,chin,smile-up!. tomorrow will be a better day!

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