Wednesday, March 23, 2011

smile:) :) :)

rasanye sometimes kita jadi lagi happy bila ppl around kita happy,especially for what we did for them.

i learn on this a lot,especially when i broke up mgalami sedikit komplikasi hati dan perasaan.
its been around half a year dah kot,as ara n effy pn dah besar yg sampai dorang dah boleh pnjat our home sweet home la kan.

ive been planning this surprise for the person i love every single minute in my life.the first surprise cm xberapa jadi surprise sebab she already got it,as we both excited about it,so i decided to sent it earlier to her than i thought i would give her the present for her belated birthday yang mmg da berkurun dah.she was so excited yang she even posted it in the fb saying tq to us.he present was so look alike the one she had before but still but im afraid ill choose the wrong one so i chose that one,and unexpectedly she like it i think :) of no good in choosing things especially girls tingy and i think i tried my best for her and umi. cant wait to see umi's expression once she see the surprise i prepared for far,the comment was so pleasing that makes me feel sooooooo eager to reveal it!!!!!!

but the best part of this,hopefully they will be happy.sometimes days arent as good as we thought it would who you are,how small things you do for someone,who knows,that was the best part of her day kan.

who you are makes a difference

macam saving a starfish yg terdampar tpi pntai.even you cant save them all,at least u save some of them kan.pnh dgr kan dis story?mdm azizah..
nex time plak cter starfish ni.hehe

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