Monday, November 1, 2010

demam exam

finally,4 papers more to go
n i still do not understand where is exactly the scholarship unit kt u nih

n officially,i gt fever after my 3rd paper!
thankfully,that was after ils pyer pper.
yeah,n 4 more to go!

n the best part is i cant wait any more second for jiji!
owhhh jiji my love,come to me baby...

im so onto jiji
cant imagine life without you jiji..
i love you sooo much!
i hope we can be together

i want to hold your hand
n kiss you
double kiss you

on my God,im SOOOO extra double in love with you,YUSUF

p/s:yusuf is jiji's cute other cute sweet name.
i labbb u jiji!!!!

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